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Formed in January 2009, the Arizona SunRiders ATV club was started with about 15 members to pursue the interests of the OHV community in a new way.

We recognized that the responsible use of our public trails is being threatened. Arizona SunRiders ATV club was based on our love of the OHV experience regardless of what type of vehicle we choose to achieve it on.

By preserving our rights to access pubic land on OHV's we are preserving our way of life for generations to come.

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Land use is one of the main reasons this organizations was created. Land use is not just fighting for our fair share of public lands; it also means that club members need to act in a way that will reflect in our OHV club while using public lands.

This includes:

* picking up after yourself,
* having an up to date sticker,
* having a clean OHV with a legal exhaust
* being courteous to others while riding.

Clubs provide a pool of expertise and information on our recreations for land managers and regulatory agencies.

By staying on the trails and obeying posted regulations we can decrease the likelihood of closure to ATV's. 


We believe, with firm conviction, that the members who rightfully use these lands have an obligation to uphold this trust,

To respect the land and to conduct their activities so that the public interests are protected.

We are mostly seniors and snowbirds and unable to access the trails by foot or bicycle due to our age and health. We are also a family driven club, always remembering that today’s child is tomorrow’s future.

Our objectives include improving the public's perception of ATV riders and continuing our interactions with land access policy makers.

The members of this club are dedicated to the ideas that public domain land belong to its people.

To Respect ... To Protect ...
To Enjoy.

As you may know the public's perception of ATV riders is sometimes tarnished by a few careless individuals.

The Arizona SunRiders ATV Club members believe in giving back to the community ...

Donating Time and Funds - To help clean up trails, dump sites, and community areas,

Participating in various community events

and just over all be available when we are needed for our special niche.



March 8, 2016 ...

We just learned the BLM La Posa Travel Management Plan was signed this morning. We are anxiously awaiting the information to be posted on website sometime this afternoon. John McDonald, Director of Yuma BLM District told Quartzsite Town Manager Skylor Miller that there is 1,100 miles of open trails (out of BLM's inventory of 1,710 miles of existing routes in the La Posa Travel Management Area.) According to BLM, the purpose of the Plan is to identify, establish, and promote compatible recreational use of the TMA while protecting natural and cultural resources and improving public safety.
To view plan ... CLICK HERE



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